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Urban Oasis

A unique salon, with a friendly, yet professional atmosphere...

This is a new craze sweeping the beauty world... There are quicker to apply than acrylic, gives a much better finish, and last longer too.

They work really well in block colours, although can be done with tips and patterns too.

Nexgen Overlays; £24.00

Ideal for people who chip varnishes quickly, as these last 3 weeks and are much more resilient. Takes 45 Mins.

Nexgens Infills; £20.00

Makes overlays and extensions last longer, works best for block colours and tips. takes 35 Mins.

Removal; £12.00

We use a bowl with a special formula, making the process faster, and kinder to hands. We also include a mini manicure, leaving hands in top condition. Takes 45 Mins.