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Urban Oasis

A unique salon, with a friendly, yet professional atmosphere...

Eye Enhancement

Weekend and Semi Permanent Lash Extensions

We use individual clusters, that have 4-8 lashes on each lash. These are applied with glue to your lashes, and can vary from natural to thick, depending on your preference. They also come in 3 different sizes, which look beautiful blended, with small in the inner eye, going to longer on the outer eye.

Weekend Lashes; £19.00

Last 2-3 days, takes 20 mins for natural, 30 mins for full.

Semi-permanent Lashes; £22.50

Lasts 2 weeks, takes 20 mins for natural, 30 mins for full.

Urban Lashes

These are a form of Russian lashes, that we have developed ourselves, hence the name. These are synthetic mink lash, we stock a mix of 4D-8D, in both C and D curl. We started offering these to clients that prefer the softer look that Russian lashes produce, but that like the application speed of our semi lashes. These can take anything from 45-90 minutes, depending on the amount applied and the condition of clients lashes. These are NOT true individual lashes, but give a similar effect, but are quicker to apply, give a fuller look, and can be infilled approximately every fortnight. 

Urban Lashes From £27.50

Lash Infills From £15

Lash Extension Removal £12.50

Lash Tint; £9.00

Darkens lashes, giving a beautiful wide eyes look. Lasts 3 weeks

Takes 15 Mins.

Lash Perm and Tint; £24.00

Lifts and curls the natural lash, lasts approx 4 weeks, includes tint. Treatment takes 60 mins 

Eyebrow Tint; £6.00

Darkening your brows frames your eyes, and makes your shape more defined. This treatment works very well with a brow wax. Lasts 2 weeks, takes 10 mins.

Eyebrow Wax; £8.00

We use top quality waxes and techniques to shape your brows, which lasts 2 weeks. Takes 15 mins.

Urban Brows; £15.00

A longer lasting tint, leaving a dark stain to the skin, and colour that can last upto 4 weeks on brow hair. Treatment includes shape, trim, pluck, and wax. Takes 30-40 mins.

Henna Brows; £25.00

We use a top quality salon henna, which comes in a choice of colours, from a pale blonde, to a deep brown, or even black. This leaves a beautiful shade on your skin for 5-10 days, and colours the hair for upto 6 weeks. Your treatment will include gentle exfoliation of the brow area, followed by a consultation to find the most suitable henna colour for you, which is then applied in your desired shape, and left to develop. Once your perfect colour has been achieved, we will then shape your brows, using wax, plucking and trimming, you will leave with beautiful brows that will last.

Brow Lamination

This is the newest brow trend/treatment from 2019, each hair is fixed into place to create a fluffier, fuller look. This is then teamed with a wax, shape, plucking, trimming, and your choice of tint, urban tint, or henna to colour and define your new brows. The lamination lasts 4-6 weeks. Treatment takes 50-70 minutes, depending on your choice of brow colour.

Lamination with wax & tint £28.00

Lamination with wax & urban tint £31.00

Lamination with wax & henna £40.00